A special MAXIMATOR pump is used to cut paper in paper production.

  • Hydraulic driven pump,
  • especially designed for applications in which a high and continuous flow rates at a high pressure shall be reached, i. e. for water jet applications
  • For the drive of the pump would be necessary
    - an external hydraulic system and - 4/3 directional valve to actuate the revers of the pump in its end positions which are not included in this scope of supply, but can be quoted on request.
Technical Data:
drive medium: water, oil or emulsion
diameter of drive piston: 80 mm
piston rod = diameter of hp piston: 18 mm
stroke length: 140 mm
pressure ratio: 1 : 18.7
max. drive pressure: 120 bar
max. outlet pressure: 2,250 bar
displacement volume per double stroke: 71.25 ccm
absorbtion capacity per double stroke: 1.336 ccm
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