This is a natural and very common usage for air driven liquid pumps. There are several different uses for the pumps.

Press Operation

Normally air (or air over oil) is used to lift the ram into its closed position on the press. An air driven liquid pump is then operated by an air pilot switch to bring the oil pressure and corresponding rain force to the desired tonnage. This hydraulic pressure and tonnage can be maintained for long periods which can be important.

Press Overload

By using an air driven pump to pressurise a hydraulic overload system, the bottom dye of a press can be held firm against the press pressure. If however excessive pressure was generated, the hydraulic pressure is relieved. This can save expensive dies from being damaged.

Additionally, the press overload will also save the extremely expensive replacement of the mechanical arms that will ,bend’ in the event of a double feed thickness of material to be stamped in a mechanical ,swing arm’ stamping press.

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